you will see your beauty and it will leave you breathless



This experience was filled with laughter and the amazingly gorgeous pictures (I can’t yet believe that are of me) are the result. Reina really captured all facets of me, from strong to soft and every shade in between. She made me glamorous and beautiful in ways I never expected. I’m forever grateful.
— Emilie G.

Based in Montreal, QC, Breathless by Reina Procee is a full service boudoir studio. The difference between getting your boudoir photography done with breathless is that I do not focus on what is conventionally beautiful or sexy when I pose you... instead I ask you to be brave enough to just be you. What that results in is beautiful boudoir photographs that become tools with which you can learn to love, appreciate and celebrate yourself. 

As a leading Montreal boudoir photographer, I have set up my studio in such a way that it is a safe and comfortable space. With my knowledge in posing all body shapes and sizes, and my closet full of lingerie and dresses that flatter all body types, you will find that all you really need to do in order to have beautiful photos of yourself is just to take that first step and click on the button below to schedule your complimentary consultation with me. 


Collection of Work


The words I would use to describe Reina Procee: considerate, hilarious, crazy (in the best way!), understanding, calm, soft, professional, friendly and most important: NON-JUDGEMENTAL. Reina just wants you to have a good time during the session, not just be happy with your pics afterwards. That’s what suprised me the most: when I look at these pictures I not only feel proud of my body, I remember how I felt during the shoot. Reina was able to capture my strength as well as my feminine softer side together... which I had never been able to see before. Just overall an amazing experience which every person should try. *** If you are waiting to lose some weight before booking a session (as I did for 2 years) don’t!! The whole point of this was to show me how beautiful I was in the moment! No more waiting!!! Book a session!!
— HJ G.

about you


take a moment... take a deep breath... shut off that critical inner voice and look within you... this is who you are.

You are fearless
You are strong
You love the beauty in the disheveled
You love art
You love a soft breeze
You love sunlight
You love flowing fabrics
You love being barefoot
You love letting your skin breathe
You love the quiet moments
You love to read
You love good music that moves your soul
You are not afraid of your reflection
You do not need validation
You are fierce in mind as well as body
You are easy-going
You love romance
You love movement
You do not let society define you
You are feminist
You are feminine
You have favorite features of which you are not ashamed, and they make you feel amazingly beautiful
You belong
You matter
You may not always feel like all of these things at once, but you know that this is who you truly are...

and you want to celebrate it all.


who am i?

I am all of these things as well, and I am also an artist super excited to show you and help you recognize these beautiful corners of yourself. This session is entirely about you, and I know we are going to have an amazing time!

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About the session


what is the session...

YOU don't fit into a box, and neither does this session. This is not a boudoir session, or head shots, or glamour... this is a session that is as unique as you are. So then if your session is something so unique, how does it work? Keep reading!

what to expect...


The first thing we will do is meet in person! Whether that is at my studio in Verdun or in a cafe or bistro and we will start by talking about you. I will have questions to ask you so it will be super easy, but the main focus is to hash out what you want from this session, and how I can create unique beautiful images that completely represent you. At this time we will talk wardrobe - I have a FULL (more like overflowing) closet that you can play with, but you are definitely welcome to bring your own wardrobe as well! If you decide to opt for the premium experience of getting your Hair & Make Up done at my preferred salon ( I will give you a bonus gift to thank you, they are seriously that amazing that I totally appreciate when clients use them! They not only make you LOOK fabulous, they also make you FEEL fabulous! We will also talk pricing at this time, as well as let you know exactly what my policies are so everything is upfront and clear :)


Be prepared for a 2 hour session in studio. If you have opted to have your session at your home or on location there may be a travel fee, but we will have already worked that out in the pre-session meeting. During the session I will be helping you choose your outfit, pose and get completely comfortable. We will be talking, laughing and having a great time! Trust me, the thing I hear the most from my clients is how amazing they feel after their session and how comfortable I made them feel. I am the least judgmental person you will ever meet and I do not say that lightly. I am very accepting and love it when my clients embrace their uniqueness and individuality.  

post session:

After at least 2-3 weeks (if a rush edit is needed I will need to know this by the session) we will meet again (and by this time we will be BFFs haha) at the studio, or I can come to your home. I will show you your beautiful images, and help you work out what images you will be choosing for your package of choice, as well as what images you will want to have in your album if you chose a package with one. Click here for general pricing or contact me for a full price-list.

post-post session:

If you opt to allow me to share your images on my website or anywhere else online, you will get a beautiful blog written about your experience, this will be your chance to show the ones you love and care for a glimpse of who you are. What your passions are, and a peek into your soul. You may find that the beauty you found in this session, within yourself, is something these people already know so well. Sometimes we just need an experience like this to truly find that inner greatness, that inner beauty.

So are you ready? Are you ready to DISCOVER your true self, to love her, to let her out and let her breathe? 


When I went into my session with Reina Procee that day I was so nervous. I’d known her a year or so at that point so it wasn’t a stranger nervousness it was self image nervousness. I didn’t think I could pull off this type of session, even though Reina told me she knew I could.
Let me tell you, I have never felt so comfortable in front of the camera, especially being half naked in some funky poses. She really does know how to make a woman feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. It was empowering to feel this good!
— Helene G.




Your investment options are Collections or A la Carte which makes it SUPER simple. The $300 session fee, which is due at booking, includes a 2 hour session in studio, access to my closet of beautiful things, and a reveal of your images from which to choose and decide which products are best for you! If you decide to opt for the premium experience of getting your Hair & Make Up done at my preferred salon ( I will give you a bonus Thank you gift.

There is no minimum order amount—you only buy what you love!

Fine Art Prints start at $350 and go up from there. Collections start at $800 and go up from there.

Click here for what to expect in the session, and then contact me for full pricing and to set up your Complimentary Pre-Session Appointment. 


It was hard for me to pick just one photo from my session with Reina. I loved them all so much! Reina made me feel like a million dollars regardless of my size. I know most boudoir photos are done with girls who are much smaller than my body type but when I was with Reina I felt like a supermodel. I have never in my life felt more confident or beautiful. The funny thing is that after the session was over I kept that confidence! I love you Reina and can’t wait to do another session!!
— Jess N.