you will see your beauty and it will leave you breathless
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"Liberating! Such a powerful experience that shifted so much of my own self reflection. As a mom of twins whose body has the marks of this; celebrating all of what it is to be a woman through Reina's eyes and lens was a gift." - Laura D


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We love making women see their beauty, you won't find masks and awkward poses, my make up artist and I work to enhance the beauty you already have and I work to show you how that beauty also shines from within. You will see yourself through the eyes of the person who loves you, how gorgeous and sexy you are when you think they're not looking.

Doing a session like this takes a lot of trust in your photographer and a leap of faith. This trust is something I honor and do not take lightly. It's hard for most women to be photographed PERIOD, and here I am suggesting you do it in your knickers. It is scary, but a good kind of scary,  it's the kind of scary that when you come out of it on the other side you will feel amazing, and that's before you have even seen the photos!!  



Beauty in you

We spend much of our lives living life in the background. We lose a sense of who we are and instead can only describe ourselves with the labels given to us. We are more than a daughter, sister, mother or wife, but who are we really? We hide as supporting actors in the movies of other people’s lives. When it comes time when we look back to see who we were way back when we will find that there is very little source material. 

Why do we hide? Because we feel like we are not enough. Not thin enough, pretty enough, young enough, etc. And when we do get up and decide to celebrate ourselves someone else is there to tell us to sit back down. 

This is not right. This is not how our lives and our legacies as women should be told: 

in apologetic and hushed tones. 

These sessions are built for those women who want to celebrate themselves. And with my photography you will have beautiful memories of who you are now. Are you a dancer? A swimmer? Did you just lose weight? Are you about to? Do you love riding bikes, or painting, or walking around in your favorite jeans? Do you enjoy a good book and coffee at your local cafe? I will photograph you as YOU and the beauty of these moments. 

You will exist in photographs. You will see that your story is worth telling. 

And you will see the beauty in you.